Baking Bread a Family Fun Low Budget Activity

When money gets tight, many families make budget cuts to help themselves get by. Some of the areas that are most commonly cut are groceries, with concessions made where name brands are concerned, and entertainment. One good way to cut both of those areas at once is by getting the family together to bake your own bread.

Bread making is an activity that can involve everyone in the family. Set one weekend afternoon or evening as “bread time” and get everyone on board with planning. Decide on a type of bread to make for the week, then hit the store for the ingredients. Making bread is not expensive, and many times uses only ingredients such as flour, eggs, yeast and butter. Some recipes for different bread varieties call for other cheap ingredients like honey as well.

Once you gather your ingredients, assign tasks. Older children or a spouse can help mix dry and wet ingredients while younger children can help with the kneading process. While the dough rises, play family board games and spend time together. When it’s time to bake, remember that a bread maker is not needed; most recipes can be adapted for the oven. Before you know it, your family will be closer, will be saving money and will look forward to weekend bread making time.

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