Is North Korea to be Loved or Feared

North Korea is a communist country led by a dictator. There is very little communication from North Korea to the rest of the world. The current leader chooses to isolate North Korea and it’s citizens. During famines, North Koreans have escaped their country rather than starve. However, they still love their home country and leader.

The totalitarian government will often allow massive numbers of people to die from starvation; rather than accept food assistance from other countries. Propaganda and showing off by the military and the current leader of North Korea may mean more hunger and starvation for this countries citizens in 2012.

Currently, the military is planning to shoot off another missile to celebrate the birthday of their dictator. This means that North Korea may lose food aid from the United States. The North Korean government agreed to launch no more missiles in order to receive food assistance.

There are massive food shortages in North Korea. North Korea does not allow food to be imported. Without food assistance from outside countries, many North Koreans will die from starvation. Americans must now decide whether to fear the military of North Korea, or to love the citizens of North Korea.

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